Darcy Van Orden grew up in the DC area and lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Darcy started working in competing currencies, assisting to pass Utah’s Legal Tender Act in 2011, where they monetized gold and silver as currency. Darcy started working in the Crypto space back in 2014. In 2015, proposed a bill to the Utah legislature to allow citizens to pay their state taxes in Bitcoin.   

  • CEO at Estate Chain – Pioneers in blockchain and real estate industries. Provide a global solution for processing real estate transactions in cryptocurrency and paying. Innovating in recording title to the Blockchain, partnering with title companies and crypto real estate communities worldwide. www.EstateChain.Net
  • Advisor & Board Member to InnoGov – startup launching BallotTech, a blockchain voting platform as well as blockchain suite of solutions for government.  www.innogov.io